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Shield your Wake County property from standing rainwater with our effective drainage solutions. If your basement resembles a swimming pool after rainfall or your grass consistently holds water, Grey Land Specialist LLC offers dependable and cost-effective drainage solutions. These solutions may include drain field installation, French drains, tile drainage systems, and driveway culverts. These apply to existing homes and site preparation for new construction homes.

Drainage solutions and mitigation

We implement various water mitigation and drainage solutions that protect your property's integrity from the damaging effects of water runoff. Water runoff can present many problems for your home and property, and we have solutions that can help.

Drain field installation

Whether installing a new septic tank or upgrading your existing system, our residential drain field services ensure fast and efficient installation. We'll expertly excavate and dig the correct placement for new drainage pipes and complete the project by placing new drainage pipes and durable filters to keep debris out of your system.

French drain installation

French drains are a reliable solution for redirecting surface water away from your home's foundation. We strategically install French drains to prevent water buildup and minimize the risk of basement and crawl space flooding, keeping your foundation dry.

Tile drainage installation

Tile drainage systems are essential for improving soil structure and managing excess water in agricultural and residential settings in our area. We expertly install tile drainage systems across Wake County.

Stormwater and driveway culverts

Our stormwater culverts effectively divert excess water from your property during heavy rainfall, reducing the risk of flooding. Likewise, adequately installed driveway culverts ensure efficient water drainage, prolonging the lifespan of your driveway and reducing maintenance costs.

Drainage trench with nice rocks

Why install a drainage system on your Raleigh, NC property?

Reliable drainage is essential for maintaining your property's health, from safeguarding against soil erosion to promoting healthy crop growth. Additionally, you can opt for sustainable water management solutions like pond installations, which benefit your property and the environment. Our landscape excavation services can help implement these sustainable solutions to enhance your property's functionality and resilience.

Don't let excess water wreak havoc on your property.

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